The 10 Best Types of Content Marketing For SEO

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Neck deep in the technical side of digital marketing for over 10 years now. You can often find me in the intersection between user experience, web design and search marketing.

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Creating and maintaining an online presence is crucial to the success of any business. Businesses without a website receive significantly fewer sales and recognition than those who do have a website. In the same token, websites that don’t provide content that is unique and valuable to the user experience receive less attention from search engines.

So, how do you fix the problem of invaluable content and low website traffic? The answer is simple, deploy an effective content marketing program utilising SEO. 

Content marketing is easier than it sounds. You probably already take part in content creation without even realising it. Things such as posting to social media, creating blog posts, or sending out customer review quizzes are all strategies useful for content marketing. 

The key to successful content marketing is to implement SEO tactics, create content of value to your target audience, and make your content unique. The higher-quality content produced, the higher your chances are of performing well on search engines. Ready to learn how to get your content marketing campaigns going? Keep on reading. 

What is Content Marketing   

Content Marketing is a marketing strategy utilising the creation and distribution of online content to attract the interest of a target audience. Content creators work to create carefully curated posts such as videos, infographics, and blog posts that will be of value to the target audience. 

Some of the common goals of the content marketing strategy are to create awareness of a product or service, perform research, and persuade the consumer to perform a specific action. 

So, how does content marketing affect SEO? SEO, or search engine optimisation, is a tool for bringing more traffic to your website using keywords to boost your website’s visibility on search engines like Google. 

Your content plays a valuable role in having a successful SEO campaign. The more valuable, relevant, and unique your content and keywords are, the better your chances are of appearing on search engines

Ensuring your content is valuable, relevant, and unique can be the trickiest part of content marketing for SEO purposes. Some tips to help with this are as follows:

  • Get to know your target audience and learn to think from their point of view.
  • Use high-quality backlinks to prove your background and knowledge of the topics you’re focusing on.
  • Don’t copy content that has already been published just because it has a lot of views.

The 10 Best Types of Content Marketing for SEO

Now that you know what content marketing is and how it can be useful for SEO campaigns, it’s time to start looking into different types of content marketing. While the list of content marketing strategies is long, 10 specific types will best help your effort in increasing website traffic. 

Types of Content marketing:


Blog posts are among the most common ways websites take part in content marketing. Blogs are an easy and effective way to prove your industry insights, expertise, and experience while targeting your desired consumer base. 

SEO tactics in blog posts include the use of keywords, backlinks, and internal links that allow search engines to filter through your content and judge its value to consumers. High-quality content with high-quality keywords and links rank higher on search engineers, driving more traffic to your website. 

The 10 Best Types of Content Marketing For SEO 2
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Videos are a smart way of connecting to users who don’t have the time or attention span to read through content like blog posts. This form of content can also help target members of your audience who better understand concepts through visual representation or have visual impairments and use spoken explanations to receive information. 

Having video content on your website will also help send signals to search engines that you provide relevant media for specific searches and helps to improve your on-page SEO factors too.

The 10 Best Types of Content Marketing For SEO 3
Video Codarity


Infographics can dramatically increase the SEO performance of your website when done correctly. One good thing about infographics is the potential for them to go viral. 

It is far more likely for an infographic to go viral compared to many other forms of content creation. Now, this does not mean that you should overuse infographics. When you do use infographics, keep them simple, valuable, and unique. Never overload your target audience with too many visuals or words.

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Infographics Codarity

Visual content:

Visual content is a great tool for attracting people to your site because Google loves search optimised images. Consumers also love images. Well done visual content can help make or break the potential of a consumer remaining on your page or not. 

The more visually pleasing your content is, the easier it is for consumers to stay engaged. The likeness of a consumer sharing your content also increases with the use of visual content.

The 10 Best Types of Content Marketing For SEO 5
Visual Content Codarity


Whitepapers are less common among the masses but can be very beneficial to more technical and niche businesses. Whitepapers can be closely related to case studies as they are a very in-depth report or guide on a specific issue or topic. 

If you have a consumer base that is looking for answers on complex topics not often covered by everyday media, whitepapers are a great way to direct more people to your site.

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Quizzes and tools are among the more unique ways of boosting SEO. Quizzes help SEO by boosting user engagement. The number one rule to remember is that online consumers have a very short attention span. 

In an effort it increases the average time consumers are spending on your website, quizzes can be of great help. Quizzes can also help improve research efforts and provide better insights on how your audience is feeling, what they are looking for, and what their satisfaction levels are. 

Tools are a good way to get people to link to your website. This helps SEO by showing search engines that your website is trusted and referred to by other common websites. The more backlinks, the greater visibility your website is likely to receive.

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Courses can help users develop trust in your authority in the industry. By providing courses you can provide answers to the most common questions circulating in your industry, enticing people to use your site for personal educational purposes. 

Not only does this help with SEO, but it can also increase your word-of-mouth advertisement if customers share their knowledge of your courses with friends or coworkers. 

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Although often gated, webinars can be a great tool for pulling in niche sections of your target audience. The most common form of webinars is live broadcasts that promote a product or service that can be later saved for videos and blog posts to boost the quality and value of content.

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Slide decks:

Slide decks are a tool that can be useful for upping the unique value of your SEO content. Remember, the more unique your content, the higher the chances of users finding value in it. Slide decks are a set of illustrations and data points that are commonly answering questions from your consumers in webinars.

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Social media posts:

Social media is one of the easiest ways to reach new consumers. This form of content marketing will not directly affect your SEO, but will allow for easier sharing and promoted posts. Social media is also an excellent way to obtain user-generated content and reach a new base of clientele that goes to popular platforms such as Instagram and Facebook for industry referrals.

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Social Media Posts Codarity

Key Takeaways

Content marketing is a powerful form of marketing that can boost SEO and website performance quickly and for a relatively low price. Creating content that is valuable, relevant, and unique is possible by combining the different types of content into one deliverable product. 

From blog posts containing video content and links to webinars to webinars including slide decks, the possibilities are virtually endless. 
Ready to get started on your content marking campaign? At Codarity, we offer extensive SEO services to help boost your rankings effectively and efficiently. Don’t wait, increased website traffic is just a click away.

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Dan Charles
Website | + posts

Neck deep in the technical side of digital marketing for over 10 years now. You can often find me in the intersection between user experience, web design and search marketing.

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