PPC Marketing That Gives You The Edge, Even When Your Competition Is Fierce

We create, manage, and optimise your pay per click marketing campaigns to maximise results for your local service business.

Attention-grabbing PPC Ads That Convert

Did you know that over 70% of searchers have called a business directly from an ad? They're powerful like that because potential customers (and existing ones) are searching for services like yours every single day.

Whether your goals are to make more sales, get more enquiries from your website, or enhance your brand's exposure, PPC marketing is a fast and effective way to get your business in front of the right people at the right time; when they're ready to take action.

Codarity is your specialist PPC agency in Reading, UK for competitive local service niches. If you want search marketing campaigns that don’t compromise on performance, our PPC management services are here to get you a measurable ROI, every time.

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Transparent PPC Reporting

With machine learning, A/B testing, 1000's of targeting options and competitive analysis, it can feel a bit overwhelming to stay on top of your ad campaigns.

Our PPC reporting is clear, transparent, jargon-free and focuses on the goals and objectives that matter to you. We cut out the guesswork and give you what matters.

PPC Reporting

Results Built On Systems, Not Luck

Our proven 5-stage system combines a strategic and technical approach to your PPC management. With your business goals front and centre, we create flexible, scalable, and reliable ways to reach your ideal customers at every stage of the decision-making process.

We develop brand assets, targeted campaigns and creative that drives costs down and performance up so that you can focus on growing your business with certainty.

Phase 1

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Analyse and create an effective PPC strategy.

Phase 2

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Optimise existing campaigns & opportunities.

Phase 3

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Develop new ad-creative, landing pages, content & assets.

Phase 4

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Scale campaigns, adapt to change, test and test some more.

Phase 5

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Continuous monitoring, reporting, and consultation.

Custom Designed Landing Pages

Custom PPC landing pages that you can be proud of. Every landing page is designed from scratch to match your brand, highlight your value proposition and convert visitors into customers.

What Our Clients Say...

Client: Adrian Collins - Beechwood Mortgages

Beechwood Mortgages

"Codarity created PPC landing pages for us, and this alone has resulted in a substantial increase in new enquiries. We have gradually increased our investment and still seeing a steady increase in business - we couldn't be happier..."

~ Adrian Collins ~

Paid Search Mobile Ad - Example

Search Ads That Click

The numbers don't lie. With limited space and increasing competition, your search ads need to attract clicks that convert. We constantly test 100's of ad variations across your PPC campaigns to find what works best for you.
Search Ads

Results Focused On Performance - Not Fluff Metrics

Results after working with us to develop a PPC strategy and optimise results in a highly competitive niche, using a similar budget as before.

PPC Campaign A-B Results Comparison

Taking Care Of The Technical's ... And The Creatives.

Landing Pages

We create landing pages that convert. Our landing page processes allow for rapid testing of new ideas and customisation at scale.

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Search Ads

There's a lot that goes into profitable search ads that give you the edge. We'll work with you to develop search strategies that drive real growth.

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Display Ads

We'll create, manage, and optimise your display ads with visually engaging graphics and messaging for the right audiences in the right places.

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Ad Creative

We test for the best and create 100's of variants, using machine learning, advanced software, and creative writing designed to engage and convert.

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Effective remarketing helps you reach out to previous website visitors across the Google display network with new positioning, offers and engaging content.

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PPC Audits

Is there wasted ad-spend lurking in your Google ads account? Our full PPC audit process uncovers all of the growth, profit and opportunities in PPC campaigns.

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Always Striving For Excellence

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PPC Marketing Without The Guesswork

Guesswork and hunches rarely work when it comes to creating and scaling successful PPC campaigns. Knowledge, experience and testing are where the real results happen.

If you'd rather be closing sales and growing your business instead of worrying about CPC's, ad-copy changes and machine learning, then we're here to help you. Our proven 5-stage system is designed to create certainty for you and your business, even in competitive markets.

If you'd like to know more about how our PPC agency services can help you, get in touch today.