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What Would More Leads, Sales & Brand Awareness Mean For Your Business?

PPC Campaigns For Every Stage Of Your Customer's Journey

Pay Per Click advertising is a fast and effective way to get your business in front the right people at the right time; when they’re ready to take action. Because you only pay for qualified clicks on your ads, you get flexibility in how you control your budget and traffic.

Whether it’s Google, Bing, Facebook or Twitter, new potential customers and opportunities can be found on all of the major platforms. PPC marketing is a highly effective way of reaching your ideal audience on the platforms they’re using with relevant messaging at the moment they’re ready to take action.

Paid ads on search engines and social media sites can help you in many ways. Whether your goals are to make more sales, get more enquiries or enhance your brands exposure, PPC can help you get the results you’re looking for, fast.

What Our Clients Say...

After having two bad experiences with marketing people we found Dan at Be Fair Marketing and could not be happier with the service.
Diana Robinson - Owner, Forest Hog
Diana Robinson
- Forest Hog Eco Cleaning -

Why Do You Need PPC Marketing Services?

  • Hard To Measure

    Are you struggling to prove how much business your PPC campaigns generate?

  • Wasting Money

    Do you feel like you’ve wasted a lot of money on PPC ads and not sure how to plug the leaks?

  • Constantly Changing

    Does it feel like a constant battle to stay on top of changes, let alone make improvements?

  • Too Many Metrics

    Are you lost in thousands of audience settings, remarketing segments and targeting options?

  • No Conversions

    Are you paying for a lot of traffic but still not getting the sales or enquiries you expect?

  • Breaking Even

    Are you getting some sales and enquiries but not sure how to optimise for more?

Our PPC Services Fix Your Business Problems

Google Adwords

Graphic: Google Adwords.
People go to Google for answers. Be there when they’re ready to take action.

Google Shopping

Graphic: Google Shopping.
Shopping campaigns drive your sales forward when people search for products.

Bing Ads Network

Graphic: Bing Ads.
The 2nd biggest search engine can be a cost effective way to reach new audiences.

Facebook Ads

Graphic: Facebook Ads.
The biggest social platform on the planet is a fantastic way to find new opportunities.

How Can PPC Marketing Help You?

You get flexibility, great targeting, fast adjustments, bigger exposure, scalable opportunities and measurable results, what's not to like about that? Our expertise in PPC marketing ensures you get strategically planned and effective traffic campaigns that deliver a healthy return on your investment from the start.

If you’re looking to increase your brand awareness, get more leads, increase your sales volumes or have important messaging that needs to be amplified, talk to us today about how our pay per click marketing services can help you achieve your goals.

PPC Marketing For Your Business Success

Whether you want better visibility in search, you're shopping campaigns need a tune-up or you want to capture the attention of the most relevant audiences on sites like Facebook or Twitter, we're here to help you grow.

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PPC Stats You Can't Ignore

Companies That Use PPC To Sell Products


Amount Of Click Traffic That Goes To The Top 3 Listings


Mobile Searchers Who Have Called A Business Directly Form Google


Percentage Of Global Audience Who Can Be Reached By Display Ads


Clear, Transparent Reporting

Transparency is important. You should always know and understand how well your marketing is working for you. This is why you will always get regular, reporting on the stats, goals and performance data that matters to you.

All the data in the world doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t make a difference to your bottom-line. Our expertise in web design enables us to setup all manner of tracking, pixels, attribution, scripts and other fiddly things quickly. We use actionable data and clear insight ensure your budget works hard for you.

We believe you shouldn’t have to dig through spreadsheets to find the answers. You’ll get one to one time on the phone with us to discuss your campaign progress, new opportunities and expert advice on a regular basis too.

Did You Know?

Graphic: Question mark illustration.
64% of people click on Google ads when they are looking to buy online.

Is it time you were where your customers are?
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Your Return On Investment (ROI)

Each ad platform has their own systems, quirks and opportunities. How much budget you require will depend on the audience your targeting, the niche that you operate in and how much competition there is on the platform.

Rest assured that paid search marketing and paid social advertising offer real actionable data that can be used to optimise your campaigns for the best return on investment.

We always work with you to assess what margins should be used for ad-spend to ensure your PPC campaigns are profitable and provide you with a platform for sustainable growth.

The 8 Elements Of An Effective PPC Campaign

We believe in open communication, clear reporting, ongoing analysis and unified goals to help you get the most out of your PPC campaigns with us.

1 Paid Search Strategies

We’ll help you define an effective strategy that gets results. From Facebook ads to Google search, you’ll be where the opportunities are.

2 Audience Research

From keyword research and user insights to current trends and competitor analysis. We ensure your ad campaigns are relevant, meaningful and get results.

3 Ad Content & Creative

From engaging text that converts to imagery and media that catches the eye. We’ll work with you to create ads that make your business stand out.

4 Budget Efficiency

From A/B testing to bid management and constant monitoring, we only use winning ads and messaging to ensure your budget goes as far as possible.

5 PPC Management

Certified, experienced and driven by best practices. Our ad campaigns are based on a refine and improve ethos that deliver great results from the start.

6 Data & Insights

We’ll ensure all of your campaign tracking is setup, tested and working properly. Having accurate data makes the difference between assumptions and facts.

7 Conversion Focused

Whether your goal is more sales, better leads or brand awareness, we focus effective conversion strategies to get you there.

8 Transparent Reporting

You get regular calls to discuss campaign progress. Our reporting is customised for you and your goals. We believe that attribution, clarity and insight are essential.

Always Striving For Excellence

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