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Ethical Marketing Matters

In the age of digital marketing, it’s all too easy to look at numbers and metrics instead of the human impact.

It’s clear that all types of businesses, charities and non-profits need to use advertising in some form or another. The public understands this. They realise that digital marketing is important to ensuring a business succeeds.

Even though advertising is considered important, marketers have a long way to go before being considered as trustworthy. We’ve all bared witness to unsavoury practices in digital marketing at some time or another. Sometimes these practices were unintentional and quickly rectified. Other times they were purposefully designed to squeeze a few extra numbers out of their stats at the expense of the end user experience.

The changing consumer mindset:

It’s great to see the public wising up to these practices in recent years. In 2017, the consumer public are quite savvy and switched-on when it comes to underhand tactics and dubious advertising methods. These unsavoury methods do end up detracting from the brand in the long-run which slowly erodes their karmic equity in the public’s eye.

This erosion of values ultimately hits their bottom line. Usually, this is the point when either they change their ways and turn around the bad karma or continue to deploy these unethical marketing strategies and slowly spiral down the drain to obscurity.

I’ve pulled together 6 interesting statistics based on consumer trust in digital advertising. This highlights how certain practices are perceived by the consumer public.

Statistics Shared:

91% of people feel that ads are more intrusive now than 2 years ago
81% of people closed a browser because of an annoying pop-up
70% of people say they dislike or don’t trust invasive mobile adverts
51% of people have a lower opinion of brands that force auto-play videos
81% of people trust personal recommendations over other forms of advertising
34% of people said they feel “constantly followed” by online adverts

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Ethical Marketing Infographic

6 Reasons Why Ethical Marketing Matters - Infographic - Be Fair Marketing Co

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